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Pool Information

As noted in the minutes of the May 15 Orleans Court Annual Owners Meeting, after lengthy discussion, owners present at the meeting voted unanimously for the use of pool tags in our courtyard and pools. This had previously been discussed at our March Board of Directors meeting as a result of incidents reported from unit owners about unauthorized guests using our pool over the past several seasons. Pool tags were used at Orleans Court in years past, and we will re-start that practice. As a reminder, only owners, authorized renters, and guests of owners who have immediate access to the owner’s unit may use our pool. Additional pool rules are listed on our Orleans Court website:

Therefore, in order to better manage authorized use of our pool, pool tags will be implemented, effective as soon as the tags are sent to owners; please watch for them in the mail to your primary address on file with Mana-Jit, our property management company (as a side note, it is the unit owner’s responsibility to ensure that correct contact information is on file with Mana-Jit). Each Orleans Court unit will be allocated six tags. Should a tag be lost, replacements can be ordered at a cost of $50 each through Mana-Jit.

Smoke Detectors

In our September 2017 Board of Directors meeting, the Board voted to replace the hallway, builder-installed electric and battery backup smoke detectors in all 84 units. The Board is following the direction of the Ocean City Fire Marshall, who stated that these smoke doctors have an anticipated useful life of only ten years. The Board determined that the best way to assure the protection of the buildings and their occupants was to replace all current units, regardless of age. This way the Board of Directors in the year 2026 can place the replacement cost once again in the budget for the year 2027. At that time, you should expect that these units will be updated once again. In the meantime, we encourage each unit owner to replace the backup battery in these smoke detectors during daylight savings time changes twice yearly. You can never be too cautious or proactive to protect our property and unit owners.

Don’t Flush!

Urgent Notice!

It has come to our attention in ways that no unit owner should come to discover that resident owners or renters at Orleans Court have been using flushable wipes.

Of course the plumber who has cleared several sewage blockages over the last 18 months has confirmed this unpleasant discovery.

I implore you to STOP flushing these wipes down the toilet. Should you feel it necessary to use these types of hygienic wipes, we ask that you dispose of them in a trash/waste receptacle. Then dispose of them with your household garbage.

The most recent back up caused by the use of these wipes has caused $35,000+ dollars in damage to one of our owners unit.

Sadly they will now be out of their unit for some four months while the repairs are made to restore their unit.

The story does not end there! We all collectively suffer the financial burden of potential increased insurance premiums, as well as the expense of the $5000.00 deductible to cover this current loss.

The manufactures of these products claim they are flushable. However plumbers disagree, as do many city sewage treatment facilities. The product containers state that you should not flush more than one or two wipes at a time. This may be suitable for an individual home with a short sewage line run to the street. We however share our sewage stack with the units above and below us. These wipes don’t biodegrade quickly enough to avoid clogging the pipes and once stuck, these items create a blockage. Then there is a long run from our buildings to the street prior to our sewage lines reaching the city sewage line that increases the risk of clogging.

This is serious business, and we need to be mindful of how each of our actions in a shared building can have an adverse effect on other unit owners.

I appreciate your attention to this NO FLUSHABLE WIPES notice.


President of the Board Orleans Court Condominium Association

Insurance Deductibles and Certificates

INSURANCE DEDUCTIBLE: Pursuant to HB 287, all owners must be notified annually of their responsibility for up to $5000 of the association’s master insurance policy deductible of $5,000, if the cause of damage originates from your unit.  Please consider this your notice.

INSURANCE CERTIFICATES: The Orleans Court Insurance Certificates are available.  You may need to provide these to your own property insurance carrier. 

Air Conditioning/Heat Pump Replacement Criteria

Air Conditioning or Heat Pump Replacement Criteria:
1. Maximum dimensions (to fit inside stainless steel wall sleeve) are: Width = 27″  Height = 16″
2. Voltage = 208 to 220 volts
3. BTU range = optional

Records Update

The Orleans Court Condominium Association needs to have accurate records on all unit owners, including their mortgage companies and unit owner email address, phone number, mailing address, and primary family spokesperson/contact person.  Please cooperate by filling out and emailing (or mailing) the Condominium Owner Information Form, and, since email will be a method of communication, please also fill out and email (or mail) the Orleans Court Electronic Notice Form.  Don’t forget to send these forms in again if you change your email address or any other relevant information! Please send all of your contact information updates to our property management partner Mana-Jit at: 18 41st St #104, Ocean City, MD 21842.  Mana-Jit may also be reached at (410) 289-1128.

New Rules

On July 11, 2015, the Board of Directors updated the  Orleans Court Condominium Rules and the Pool Rules.  Please visit the “Rules and Regulations” tab.